Chess: Fide drops handshakes after coronavirus cancels five Opens

Global body issues detailed medical advice for World Senior Teams as Magnus Carlsen’s title defence is set for Dubai in DecemberCoronavirus is starting to affect major chess events. Five international Opens have already been cancelled or postponed while Fide, the global chess body, has issued detailed medical advice for the over-50 and over-65 World Senior Teams which have just begun in Prague.Recommendations include avoiding the traditional handshake at the start and end of a game, which acquired the status of an essential courtesy following Wijk aan Zee 2008, where Bulgaria’s Ivan Cheparinov twice refused Nigel Short’s hand. Cheparinov was originally defaulted, but the game was replayed on the rest day. Short won, and commented: “There is a God, and he is not a Bulgarian.” Related: Chess: Nigel Short checkmates three in a row at Bunratty weekender Teimour Radjabov statement Continue reading…

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