Chess: Magnus Carlsen wins despite ‚terrible‘ form, but setbacks spark angst

World champion narrowly qualifies for Saturday’s Lindores Abbey quarter-finals despite defeats by Yu Yangyi, Jan-Krzysztof Duda and Daniil DubovAnother online weekend, another first prize for the world champion, but Magnus Carlsen suffered angst against lower ranked opponents which continued and increased on Wednesday and Thursday as he narrowly qualified for the Lindores Abbey quarter-finals.The online Steinitz Memorial blitz was an occasion for bitter self-criticism by the 29-year-old after his opponents missed numerous chances. “I’m happier than I would have been if I hadn’t won the tournament, but that was terrible from start to finish,” said Carlsen. “Even the times I played a good game I feel I messed it up with bad technique.” Related: Fast and furious: Carlsen and Nakamura transform chess into an adrenaline sport Related: Chess: Magnus Carlsen announces $1m online series as viewer numbers surge Continue reading…

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