Chess: Magnus Carlsen tries Champions Showdown after surprise failure

The world No 1 failed to make the final of the Lindores Abbey Rapid this week, an event won by ‘the last Soviet’ Daniil DubovMagnus Carlsen will compete in the richest ever online tournament this weekend just days after Norway’s world champion surprisingly failed to reach the final in his latest event, the $150,000 Lindores Abbey Rapid.Carlsen is top seed in the $265,000 Champions Showdown, hosted and financed by the St Louis billionaire Rex Sinquefield. Four US grandmasters headed by the world No 2, Fabiano Caruana, and four others will contest a knockout under Clutch Chess rules where the final games of a match count extra. Related: Chess: Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura level in Lindores semis Related: Fast and furious: Carlsen and Nakamura transform chess into an adrenaline sport Continue reading…

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