Chess: Carlsen routs Caruana and tops fantasy football league in winning week

The world No 1 topped the Fantasy Premier League rankings for a second time while Britain’s first online national league is set for its final on Tuesday amid computer aid controversyMagnus Carlsen overran the world No 2, Fabiano Caruana, 2.5-0.5 in their latest meeting on Thursday, only a day after the world champion had topped seven million rivals to lead the Fantasy Premier League for the second time in six months.The online meeting earlier this month between the Norwegian and the American, who met over the board for the world crown in 2018, had been a tight affair which Carlsen won only in the final game, but Thursday’s match was one-sided. Carlsen scored impressively at the start, won the second game from a level ending, then eased to a draw in the third. Related: Magnus Carlsen joins esports rich list as Fabiano Caruana rivalry goes online Related: Chess: Magnus Carlsen tries Champions Showdown after surprise failure Continue reading…

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