Chess: Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen to meet for first time in 16 years

Kasparov, 57, and Carlsen, 30, will compete at random chess in the 10-player St Louis Champions Showdown, their first encounter since 2004Garry Kasparov will make a rare cameo appearance when the legend, now aged 57, takes on the reigning champion, Magnus Carlsen, in the 10-player Champions Showdown invitation organised by St Louis from 11-13 September.This will be an historic clash, even though it is only online random chess. The two world champions, widely considered the best players of all time, have faced each other in only one previous official event. That was at rapid and blitz chess in 2004 in Reykjavik, when Carlsen was aged 13 and Kasparov 41, a year before his retirement. Related: Chess: Carlsen fights back from brink to overcome Nakamura in 38-game epic Related: Chess: England aim for place in top group as 163-team Olympiad begins Continue reading…

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