Chess: Kasparov and Carlsen undone by internet glitches following 55-move draw

Rook ending between the two legends echoes the only game where Bobby Fischer met Mikhail BotvinnikFollowing their evocative 55-move draw last week in their first official game since 2004, both Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen suffered separate internet glitches in a reminder that the booming pursuit of online chess has its own peculiar hazards to which even the greatest legends are not immune.Kasparov met Fabiano Caruana in round four of the $150,000 Champions Showdown aware that he had been crushed 5-1 by the American world No 2 the previous year. This time Kasparov was ready, had a clear edge at move 34, and planned a queen trade by Qe4-c2. A mouse slip landed the queen on d3, and the computer interpreted his attempted correction as a pre-move which blundered a bishop. Related: Chess: Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen draw in historic encounter Related: India awarded chess gold with Russia after server outage leads to reprieve Continue reading…

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