Chess: Magnus Carlsen misses mate in four as over-50s shine at Legends event

The 1990 world No 3, Boris Gelfand, beat the current world No 3, Ding Liren, in 16 moves at $150,000 inter-generation tournamentLegends of Chess, the $150,000 online tournament where six veterans in their 40s and 50s are meeting Magnus Carlsen and three others from the current world top 10, got off to a surprise start on Wednesday as Carlsen missed a simple all-checking mate in four, while Israel’s Boris Gelfand, 52, world No 3 in 1990, defeated China’s current world No 3, Ding Liren, in only 16 moves.Gelfand, who narrowly lost a world title match in 2012, is still Israel’s best player. The veteran, who learned his skills in the old Soviet Union, defeated Ding 3-1, winning twice with Black. The highlight was the final game where Gelfand won a 16-move miniature which Ding resigned two pawns down and facing a monster black knight at e3. Such a result may sound totally one-sided, but Gelfand erred with 9…h6? (d5!) when Ding could have won by 10 Nc4! with the double threat of 11 e5 and 11 Bxf4 followed by Nd6+. Related: Chess: Magnus Carlsen chasing another prize despite bizarre four-move loss Related: Chess: Carlsen routs Caruana and tops fantasy football league in winning week Continue reading…

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