Chess: Magnus Carlsen showcases his bullet skills with 11 straight wins

The world champion is the favourite for the speed championship, and crushed Iran’s No 1, Parham MaghsoodlooMagnus Carlsen returned to his favourite battlefield, online speed chess, on Monday as Norway’s world champion, 29, fresh from his over-the-board triumph in Stavanger, showed off his speed skills in his opening match of the $100,000 speed championship.His opponent, Iran’s No 1, Parham Maghsoodloo, is an ambitious former world junior champion, who before the start optimistically assessed his chances at 50-50. They played 90 minutes of 5+1 blitz (five minutes for the game plus a one-second per move increment), 60 minutes of 3+1 blitz and 30 minutes of 1+1 bullet. Related: Chess: Wesley So wins US title unbeaten as Hikaru Nakamura’s run ends tamely Related: The Queen’s Gambit review – from an orphanage basement to the top of the chess world Continue reading…

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