Igniting girls‘ interest in chess may be great legacy of The Queen’s Gambit

Female chess champions say Netflix series captures the feeling of the male-dominated sport For Jovanka Houska, chess professional and Britain’s reigning women’s champion, the emotion reflected in the new Nexflix drama The Queen’s Gambit perfectly captures the international world of the game.Houska, 40, an international master, female grandmaster, nine-times winner of the British Women’s Chess Championship, and who was a child prodigy growing up in south London, believes “the emotion of how a player feels has been done brilliantly”, those moments “when someone outclasses you, and you really feel the pain.” She adds the settings chime too, “from the most glamorous location in one tournament to a school gymnasium in another”. Related: The Queen’s Gambit review – from an orphanage basement to the top of the chess world Continue reading…

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